About us

Taviot Eichut is a custom manufacturer and designer of specialized labels. We design and produce labels for any need, such as foods, cosmetics, toys and many more.

We believe first impression matters and product packaging is crucial to products success.
Therefore, we work closely with our customers to create the best labels based on their
needs and requirements.


Our customers are among the leading companies in Israel across many industries.(can you provide customer names here? big names would be good) 

Our services range from conceiving logo and design, graphics and printing.
We print all kinds of labels from including most complicated with pictures,
laminations and gold stamping, on a large variety of papers. We use top of 
the line machines and our staff is highly experienced.


Each orders is going through massive quality assurance in each step of the production, to ensure highest quality final products that meet our customers' requirements and provide
the best product look for our customers' success. 

Taviot Eichut was established in 1980 and have won many awards along the years.